Thursday, February 7, 2008

Contented Mother... (2)

A very, very short excerpt from my first chapter, on pregnancy, for any pregnant women out there. Enjoy and bask in the knowledge that you are extraordinary :-)

Pregnant women are goddesses and should be treated as such. Everyone should know that each of us feels like THE most special and important person on the planet. Given that we are vessels for nature’s most incredible inspiration yet, this should hardly come as a surprise. People forget, as they see us going about our busy days as usual, that we are carrying at least one tiny new person around inside our bodies. It is amazing. Totally incredible. Truly overwhelming. I always wonder why people aren’t more impressed by us.

If we turned to the person next to us on the tube in the morning and said: “Hey, feel this. A real live baby is scratching his head” we would probably be certified mad. The number of times I sat in some tedious meeting smiling to myself as Jemima would start to walk about and dance and jiggle her hips inside me. I wanted to stand up and shout: “Have you any idea how much more interesting things are inside my womb right now than they are in this room?” Instead I just sat there confident in the fact that while all they saw was one big, fat, pregnant woman whose constant shifting and tummy stroking was getting annoying, I knew I was Princess Nurture, Queen of Gestation, a super-mum in the making.

Read on - a snippet from Chapter 2


Tara said...

Ah G - I loved this the first time I read it but just love it even more now. It sooo true. I LOVED being pregnant - suddenly my body made sense to me and I found on the whole that I was treated like the Princess of Nurture...until E came out and then she was the total centre of attention and I was just flabby, balding and quite sore... so I say to all ye pregnant ladies, do enjoy it while you are in it - it is soooo short comparatively. Am going to send this out to all my pregnant friends right now!

Georgie said...

“I enjoyed reading your birth/childrearing story. You have an infectious enthusiasm. You come across as very "real" and approachable. I like the 10 points at the end of each chapter which summarise your philosophy.” Best selling child-care author, Deborah Jackson.