Friday, October 3, 2008

The Monkey King and other tales for children

Hello everyone! Thanks for all your emails and sorry have not posted much lately. I will be back to tell you all about Jemima's 4th birthday as it was so sweet. But just quickly, as I will not be back just yet, I really wanted to tell you all that Jemima received the most brilliant dvd for her birthday. She completely loves it and I have no problem with her watching it over and over (and over and over) because it teaches her such lovely values and raises some important issues.

It is called the Monkey King and has six tales from the Buddhist tradition which are all lovely for children aged 3-8. They teach them lovely values such as loving kindness, trust and generosity, leadership, heroism, kindness to animals, dealing with sadness and loss and bereavement, the effect of the company we keep, courage and how change can be a good thing. It is made by an English organisation called Clear Vision, that makes brilliant educational materials for schools and kids based around the Buddhist teachings.
Here is the link you can watch a bit on line if interested. Great Christmas presents!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds fantastic! (Great to have you back on-line btw!) I can't stand the values most traditional fairy tales try and teach - sooo full of revenge, animosity, anger etc

I can also recommend Barefoot books, CDs and puppets. Check out a wonderful range of stories from around the world....

I am soo excited you are back on-line - I am going to go and read other posts now. T xxxx