Friday, January 18, 2008

A total pile of tripe... grrrr

How many of you have seen this? It is the most ignorant column I have read in a long time, criticising the NSPCC's campaign against experimental TV involving babies and children. Worse were the comments below in praise of his idiotic article. Here's what I just posted on The Times website.

Mick Hume and his, obviously out of touch and therefore perhaps excusably ignorant fan club, need to read up on the wealth of scientific evidence that shows the psychological damage caused by leaving a baby to cry. The stress of prolonged abandonment causes babies to suffer permanent damage to the brain cells. This results in emotional and behavioural disorders, such as stress, lack of confidence, depression, addiction and anorexia, in both childhood and adult life. If this is too taxing for the brain (perhaps you were left to cry as a baby) bear in mind that children raised with respect, love and affection are a lot nicer to be with, more functional and ultimately better for our economy than children raised in fear of aggressive punishment. Statistically half of Britain (probably the same people who commented here) live in fear of its teenagers. The same teenagers you would apparently happily leave in charge of your babies as part of a TV experiment?

I ran out of word space and am off to punch something...

Have a look here for more about what the NSPCC are up to.

If you liked this read this.

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Tara said...

Oooh - so many posts and I feel so behind in reading / commenting.... Will definitely comment on the baby-led weaning stuff soon as this is such exciting stuff.

Yes, this Times article was thoroughly depressing and more so were the comments by readers. Or am I just too naive? Please get published soon Georgie - your 'voice' of reason is needed now more than ever.