Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We are not alone....

I can't write today. My brain is about as clear as the open sewer opposite James's office - he now works for a small British NGO called Health Unlimited, so I think it is only appropriate that he should be made to share the day to day experiences of those he is trying to help.

Arabella was on the boob from 5am until 7am without a breather. I jest not. And that was after a good old feed at 11pm and again at 3am... who was worried about me giving her solids and making her less hungry for breast milk?! I don't want to put pictures of my kids up here but basically look at the one already here and double Bella's length and that's what she is like now. Not wider, just very, very long.

But I now feel much better because a good friend of mine T just messaged me to say that her two-year-old daughter was up feeding all night. She tried singing (I was humming to Bella for ages last night too. She lies on my chest and is soothed by the vibrations), but every time T nodded off her daughter would say "More, Mummy!' until she sang again and so it continued. After an hour of this her daughter rolled over and said: 'No, not working, want booby'!

Thanks T! You should feel so proud! I feel so much better and hope you have helped reassure all other mothers that they are not alone!!!

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Justine said...

Hi Georgie,
It is great to hear what you and your family are up to and I think we've
aways had similar views on parenting. I'm living abroad too at the moment
(although Sydney is a lot more similar to Winchester than PP), but I can
relate to some of the living away from home things you talk about.
Also I find interesting the addition of Bella makes to your values. I've got
a smaller gap so I've got 2 toddlers/ children now!! La plus ca change la
plus ce la meme chose!